H&H Global is an Education Consultancy firm based in London, The UK. We provide information to prospective students regarding their aspired courses.

Student Bank Accounts
To make adjustments with the United Kingdom’s social-economic life you may require opening a bank account with a regulatory financial institute.
Free Assessment
We offer a free assessment program to evaluate you and find the perfect institute and course according to your needs.
VISA service
We offer the fastest ever visa processing to the selected countries where affiliated institutes are located.
Airport Pickup
As an agent, we will be proud to direct you to your sponsor college. If you are flying to the United Kingdom and you need airport pick up, please contact us at least 48 hours before.
Accommodation Support
If you need accommodation support please contact at least 2 weeks before your arrival.
Student Travel Card
If you are a student in the United Kingdom you would receive a 30% discount on your Journey subject to have a validated student Oyster card.